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Why do I lose my wireless connection with the mobile streaming device (phone, laptop, tablet)?

Please follow below given steps to resolve the issue:
1. While you are connected to the Sound bar, please don’t switch devices to which the music is being streamed to.
2. Ensure that your device is in the same room as your speaker.
3. Ensure that your device is within 30 feet of the sound bar.

I have connected my sound bar to the TV via optical cable, but I don’t hear any sound.

1. Ensure that the optical cables are firmly inserted into the TV and sound bar’s optical ports.
2. Navigate to the TV’s setting -> Audio Setting and ensure that “S/PDIF and ARC” is set to PCM-Stereo.

Why does my soundbar reset its volume level every time I turn it on?

Alto 8 rests its volume every time you turn your system on. Here is the way the sound bar resets its volume:

Volume status
LED Display
Volume Memory

1. Last memory when 5 < Volume < 25.
2. Last Volume <5 ,will go to Volume 5 when power on.
3. Last Volume>25, will go to Volume 25 when power on.

Despite being connected to the TV via HDMI ARC, I am not able to increase or decrease the volume on the sound bar using TV remote.

1. Ensure that the HDMI cable is connected to the HDMI ARC port of the TV.
2. In the TV setting -> systems, ensure that CEC controls are active.
3. Under setting ensure that the TV speakers are enabled and “S/PDIF and ARC” are set to “Auto Detect”.
4. If you are unable to find these setting, please contact your TV manufacturer.

After placing the sound bar in front of the TV, I am not able to control the TV.

We have included an IR blaster cable. Please insert one end of the cable (metal end) to the “IR” marked input port of the sound bar and place the other round end near (translucent side facing up) the IR receiver of your TV. 

Can any brand Roku TV (Insignia Roku TV, etc.) be used to control volume of the soundbar?

Yes,  only when sound bar is connected to HDMI ARC of Roku TV then remotes can be used with the sound bar in addition to sound bar's remote.

Can I use my cable box or satellite box remote control to control the volume of the soundbar?

Depends on the cable or satellite box manufacture IR codes available.

Can I wall mount the sound bar?

Yes, you can wall mount the sound bar. The sound bar comes with wall mounting kit, which includes tool to help you wall mount the sound bar. (Please note that the subwoofer is not wall mountable and we highly recommend not to wall mount the subwoofer).

How do I connect my TV to the sound bar wirelessly?

We cannot connect the sound bar to the TV Wirelessly. 

What is Movie Mode, News Mode, Music Mode?

Sound Mode
LED Display
Sound Modes
Press General settings button (⚙),then press Navigation button for up and down(◉) to select MOVIE mode among 3 different sound modes.
The voice and bass of the content would be amplified to deliver clearer speech and impactful bass.
Sound Modes
Press General settings button(⚙),then press Navigation button for up and down(◉) to select MUSIC mode among 3 different sound modes.
All the frequencies are amplified to deliver crystal clear sound, enabling you to hear every instrument with pristine clarity.
Sound Modes
Press General settings button(⚙),then press Navigation button for up and down(◉) to select NEWS mode among 3 different sound modes.
The ambient noise are eliminated, while the voices are enhanced to help you listen to what’s important in the news.

Can I use this soundbar with any size TV?

Yes, but we recommend nothing smaller than a 55" TV.

Which connection from my TV to the soundbar is best?

We recommend ARC which is available for the Alto 8+ (model TS8011).

Can I hook it up to the TV and just use the TV remote, or do I have to use the soundbar remote?

If your TV has HDMI ARC connection then you can use your TV remote to control below given functionalities.
1. Wake up the sound bar using power On/Off button.
2. Increase/decrease the volume using Volume up/Volume down button on the TV remote.

What are the audio file formats that can be played from the USB port?


What types of USB drives, drive formats or maximum drive sizes are supported?

FAT/FAT32, up to 32GB.

How many sound modes are there in the sound bar?

Three sound modes – Movies, Music and News when Setting button & Navigation Up/Down is pressed.

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